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Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)® – pronounced “M-fit” – is a course specifically designed for individuals operating in extreme stress environments.  Although usually taught over eight weeks, we also teach it in a 7-day Intensive Course format. MMFT® provides skills training in two key areas: mindfulness skills and stress resilience skills.  It cultivates mindfulness skills with specific exercises to build attentional control and concentration.  MMFT also provides body-based self-regulation skills training for coping with the physiological and psychological effects of extreme or prolonged stress.  Resilience is the ability to function effectively during stressful experiences and to bounce back after such experiences.  To create resilience, an individual needs to have a stressful experience that deliberately pushes him outside of his comfort zone and then teach the body and mind to recover effectively from that experience.  In the process, his body and mind learn to tolerate and function effectively amidst more stress than before.  These body-based stress resilience skills make MMFT distinct from other basic mindfulness-based approaches.  These skills are made accessible and relevant with applications to the real-world operational environment – with an emphasis on operational effectiveness and enhanced decision-making.  MMFT is taught in the organizational setting, to existing teams and groups, and can be adapted to different contexts. (stress resiliency training)


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